Battle of the STARS in June/July - Jay/Hebe/Yoga/Mayday/Penny/Khalil

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Battle of the STARS in June/July - Jay/Hebe/Yoga/Mayday/Penny/Khalil

Post by xH on Fri Jun 17, 2016 12:58 am

Hi guys!

June and July will be very happening for the Mandarin pop industry with the first half of the year being quite bland, probably occupied by only JJ and Li Rong Hao.

We have Jay, Hebe, Yoga and Mayday releasing albums in June and July.

How do you all find their new songs?

Jay - I really did not like Bedtime Story at first, but im slowly loving it. Duet with Amei is destined to be a big hit for 2016. Not bad at first listen and gets nicer each time. Coupled with his already nice hit of Past time Lover, I have confidence in Jay's album this time, like FINALLY after several albums of disappointment.

Hebe - her new album songs not out yet for listens. No comments for now, but anticipations quite high for this one. Very Happy

Mayday - 1 song so far. Party Animal has so far just maintaining their standard thats all, not much of a breakthrough. Catchy tune still captures my ears and im liking it although the feeling i get was, i think i expected more from Mayday.

Yoga - Rascal was okay, not as WOW as Lure in his previous album. 2nd hit is promising imo. Hence, keeping my anticipations for his album, he has never failed to disappoint so far. Smile

I shall comment on Penny and Khalil at a later date.

Lets discuss Very Happy

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