Blondie's Music Awards 2014

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Blondie's Music Awards 2014

Post by blondie456 on Thu May 01, 2014 4:58 am

Mine! Just a brief one as I didn't have much exposure to Chinese music and did not have weekly charts last year.
(Eligibility Period: Dec 2012 - Nov 2013)

Top 10 Songs (In no particular order):
幸福了然后呢 A-Lin
修炼爱情 林俊杰
黑暗騎士 林俊杰/阿信
心还是热的 S.H.E
有爱到就好  萧亚轩
一念之间 陶喆
伤心的人别听慢歌 五月天
破了的米菲兔 容祖儿
Easy Come Easy Go 蔡健雅/MC Hotdog
天使与魔鬼的对话 蔡健雅

Best Male:

Best Female:

Best Group:

Best Album:

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