S.H.E. Selina Ren: "Hubby, I love you"

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S.H.E. Selina Ren: "Hubby, I love you"

Post by Successor on Sun Jun 06, 2010 10:25 pm

S.H.E held their concert in Taipei arena on the 29th. Selina Ren Chia Hsuan's 37-year-old lawyer boyfriend Richard Chang Cheng Chong (張承中) suddenly confessed his love during encore: "Wifey, I love you," making Selina cried and said emotionally: "I can finally publicize my relationship, this concert is worth the ticket."

In the celebration event, Selina expressed she once asked boyfriend how come they can call each other "husband" and "wife" in private, he said that's for after marriage. So when she heard boyfriend calling her "wife" in her concert, Selina was very touched. But when asked whether she's disappointed at boyfriend didn't officially propose, Selina said: "No! Because he really is a low-key person, but he's willing to do this for me, I really am touched." In fact before the show, boyfriend was very worried this might affect S.H.E's career. Under the consent from elders, Ella and Hebe, he then decided to publicize his relationship with Selina in her concert.

With media's encouragement, Selina replied shyly: "Hubby, I love you, too." But she expressed everything is stable right now, work is going smoothly, so she didn't set a schedule for marriage, let it be. She expressed she admires how her boyfriend is upright. Now she can publicize their relationship, she feels very happy, but also understand the upcoming pressure, she said: "Hope we can get use to the life after publicizing our relationship, also hope everyone can give his/her blessing to us."

Yesterday Selina's dad accepted interviews from the media. He expressed he always hope Selina can get married at around 30 years old. So when he knew Selina and her boyfriend are in a stable relationship, he felt very happy. As for the two's relationship, he gave his blessing to them: "Hope their marriage in the future will be as sweet as cakes, a little sweet but not too sweet !"


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